One tab always for travel

There are at least twenty tabs open on my computer, and all of them are work related.

From left to right my daily tasks are aligned.  Voicemails to emails, tracking information, to web sites to check out.

Lonely planet is in there along with Amazon, writing queries and Southwest Airlines.

I am fortunate and as the sun shines in this late afternoon, eight hours is long enough.

Others may find the idea of being home so much distracting.  I find I have never got as much done in my life and in my pajamas.

A little Plugging

So I have lived in Pittsburgh for over ten years now and have been labeled a “Yinzer” 🙂

When I saw a Kickstarter pledge for Rick Sebak’s new project, I had to share it.

He is not only the voice of Pittsburgh, but also a wonderful person.  I had the honor of pouring him his coffee on the way to WQED when I worked at a coffeeshop in Squirrel Hill.

I am more than a little bit of a fan and cannot wait for this program.

Frida, fog and the heat.

On this visit to California, the weekend held a visit to the Bowers Museum in Orange County to see the Frida Kahlo exhibit of her pictures.


The images are haunting, breathtaking and tell so much about her life, the pain and fun she endured and enjoyed.

Unfortunately taking photographs of the exhibit is prohibited, otherwise I would be able to share the wonderful images, forever frozen in time.

I very much recommend a visit to the museum, not only for the beauty of Frida, but the museum holds so much knowledge and wonder.

The history of California, the life of the South Pacific including a few awe-shocking wows.

Saturday evening we spent at Venice Beach although the fog prevented us from sitting on the beach.

I loved the eeriness of the ferris wheel, the lights illuminating from the fog.  If you can forget about what the fog entails though, truly you can imagine a pirate ship nearby with ghostly inhabitants.

Women should be celebrated everyday

Today is a day to celebrate women around the world, but why only one day?  This year the celebrations have taken a different turn including

‘A Day Without a Woman’ Protest: Marches and Closed Schools

Many women have decided not to work today in response to the Women’s March on Washington, in which I was proud to be a part of.

I like many women are working today, as I sit in front of the computer responding to customer service emails, I also write.

Women with young children can not take the day to rest and resist, they mus do so while holding their babies in their arms and caring for their families.

I rejoice our sisterhood near and far, we are all in this together  Whether we are in the march or screaming in our homes, are voices are connected. We will be heard!



My Blog is scattered like my thoughts

My blog posts range from spending time with elephants in Thailand to camping in the woods of Pennsylvania.

The interests I have are worldly and I have much to say. I do so because I have maintained the thirst for knowledge and to continually educate myself even without the piece of paper I have working for on and off for the past sixteen years.

Education is power, knowledge is power and when we dismiss those who have worked night and day, sacrificed time with family and put their own health at risk to achieve this then we hold no strength in being a society.

In the short time since the inauguration I have witnessed and heard people speak of fear, for their jobs, their health care and the safety of their children.

This is not to call anyone out on whether you voted for our current president or not, but let’s be real: The fear is real.  To those who called liberals like myself cry babies over losing the election, have you or someone you loved been told their employment was at risk?

Wake up America…



Silent yet amazing

For years I have searched for audio video of Frida, with no luck.  While customer servicing during the day, I am researching one of my projects.

This summer I will be visiting San Francisco to witness celebrations dedicated to Frida Kahlo and for a wonderful cause.

I will be writing about the event and sharing stories of my travels to see the great works of my favorite artist. A woman i admire and imagine would be my best friend.

They think trash is food

Five minutes ago, I glimpsed outside my office window and saw a man through a styrofoam cup full of coffee on the ground…and kept walking.

From the branch high up in a cemetery tree dangles a plastic bag.  How will this bag get untangled and release the tree?

I think about the upcoming holiday, St. Patrick’s Day.  The parade nearby will cover the streets with plastic beads, candy wrappers and beer cups.

Why do we treat our planet this way?

When I was in Myanmar one of the elephants (the one to the right) mistook my plastic bag for food and grabbed it off my arm and ate it!

The reason for the plastic bag was because I had bought them bananas…

She did not know that was not food and neither do the animals around the world who fall victim to our discarded trash, unwanted items and careless conservation.

This happens all over the world, animals confuse our trash as food and become sick or worse, lose their lives.

Action must happen. The images I included are Peanut, the turtle deformed by a six ring pack and this polar bear in the arctic who is relying on trash for survival.