Awoke with a ding, thought I was hacked!

Yesterday morning an alarm went off on my phone.  The alert that in my focused inbox was a message.

The first line said: “Please Confirm Your My FlightNetwork Account Registration”and my first thought was “Oh shit, I’ve been hacked, AGAIN!”

Within minutes an another email was sent my way with flight confirmation to INDIA!!!

My husband who had been awake since before the sun was up, had found a great deal and purchased a round trip ticket for my trip in October.

This has not been the first time the love of my life has surprised me with the gift of travel though.  A few months ago, hotel confirmation for my July travels to San Francisco were another good morning alarm.




san franfiesta for frida

Two great passions and look forward to writing and sharing the experiences.  Viva la Frida!


Tick Tock…

So I have until the end of the month to make a deposit on the amazing trip to India in October.

If I can not make the trip, I am gifting myself the birthday present of a less expensive trip to here: for a writers retreat.

  • October 13–15, 2017
  • Friday–Sunday: 2 nights

The Stories We Carry Meditation and Writing

For everyone.

We carry our stories inside us. Some stories are easier to tell than others. There are stories we polish into well-formed, amusing anecdotes, and others we bury deep until they rise up and take us by surprise. When we attempt to write these stories, we face our own resistance. One of the most powerful ways to plumb the depths of our resistance and self-censorship is to come to know our own bodies and minds, where these stories live.

Join best-selling author Dani Shapiro for an inspiring experience that stays with you long after you return home. Through a powerful blend of meditation and movement accessible to everyone, generative writing exercises, group sharing, and discussion, we explore the courage, persistence, and patience that it takes to dive into memory and generate new work.


My guidebooks for India though are taunting me, wanting to be seen.


Fighting with your inner self

Last year at this time, I was in the midst of preparation.

My free time was spent researching, mapping out and planning my trip to Thailand, Cambodia and Myanmar.  The trip of a lifetime and a dream come true!

Today, I am conflicted with the possibility to go somewhere I have always envisioned.  A place a dear friend of mine went to and returned with stories and gifts for me, a few I wore on my wedding day.

The place is India and over the weekend I learned of an upcoming trip set for October with a group of fellow travel women.18198619_10100352753251868_7562291574971663764_n

What do you do when the opportunity to be the woman in the picture above awaits a decision?


There’s always a mystery downtown

This weekend I went to see The King and I as well as Banff Film Festival downtown.  As I entered and exited both events, I was could not get over the crowds up and down the streets.

Years ago, everything was closed by 7.  The streets were practically empty aside for a few spectators for events.

My friends and I would never suggest hanging out a bar there or going to dinner anywhere, just did not happen.

Over the past few years though, the revitalization of the area is amazing.  The streets are alive once again, just as they were years before.  Lights shine for plays, new eateries and the ones which survived the years of bleakness are still prominent and with the history of Pittsburgh.

One tab always for travel

There are at least twenty tabs open on my computer, and all of them are work related.

From left to right my daily tasks are aligned.  Voicemails to emails, tracking information, to web sites to check out.

Lonely planet is in there along with Amazon, writing queries and Southwest Airlines.

I am fortunate and as the sun shines in this late afternoon, eight hours is long enough.

Others may find the idea of being home so much distracting.  I find I have never got as much done in my life and in my pajamas.

A little Plugging

So I have lived in Pittsburgh for over ten years now and have been labeled a “Yinzer” 🙂

When I saw a Kickstarter pledge for Rick Sebak’s new project, I had to share it.

He is not only the voice of Pittsburgh, but also a wonderful person.  I had the honor of pouring him his coffee on the way to WQED when I worked at a coffeeshop in Squirrel Hill.

I am more than a little bit of a fan and cannot wait for this program.